22mm ECO Handrail System

22mm Handrail System (Economy Range). 
22mm ECO Boats Rail Tube Fittings in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. 
Not only less expensive, but lighter than the normal fitting particularly if you wish to keep the boat weight down. 

£ 4.14 Inc. VAT
22mm Tube Fitting ECO, 90 Degree Tee Joint.
(Code: SM4113522)
£ 5.58 Inc. VAT
22mm Tube Fitting ECO, 60 Degree Tee Joint (Port Side)
(Code: SM4113422-L)
£ 5.36 Inc. VAT
22mm Tube Fitting, ECO, 90 Degree Round Base. 57mm
(Code: SM4113122)
£ 5.76 Inc. VAT
490mm Length - 22mm Tube (1.2 Wall) 316 Stainless Steel.
(Code: SMTube-22-0.5)