Breadcrumb navigation can improve the way users navigate round websites.

Particularly when the websites comprise of large number of pages.

Using breadcrumb navigation should reduce the number of page openings a visitor needs to take in order find their way around and denote their location within the site.

A Typical Breadcrumb Navigation Trail.

All Products > Mooring, Anchoring & Boarding > Boarding Ladders

Clicking “All Products” Navigates you to the route listing all main Categories

Clicking “Mooring, Anchoring & Boarding” Navigate you to that Category, listing Categories within.

Clicking “Boarding Ladders” will do nothing but refresh the page, being that’s the Category you are currently in.

Please Note:

         The Category link isn’t a Breadcrumb Navigation Trail. 

         The Category link is a link to a Category or Category’s that the products are in. 

Click Category below to list all items in that Category. 

         Mooring, Anchoring & Boarding > Boarding Equipment > Boarding Ladders