Fairleads. Mirror Polished Stainless

Stainless Mooring Line Fairleads
£ 52.73 Inc. VAT
Small Fairlead Bow / Stemhead Roller Base.
(Code: SM0134900)
£ 9.91 Inc. VAT
Single 125mm Straight Fairlead 316 Stainless
(Code: SM4020105)
£ 10.13 Inc. VAT
Single 152mm Straight Stainless Fairlead
(Code: SM4020106)
£ 22.46 Inc. VAT
Single 203mm Straight Stainless Fairlead
(Code: SM4020220)
£ 38.23 Inc. VAT
Single 255mm Straight Stainless Fairlead
(Code: SM4020225)
£ 38.36 Inc. VAT
Handed Pairs of 150mm A4 Stainless Fairleads
(Code: SM4022315)
£ 46.44 Inc. VAT
Handed Pair of 205mm A4 Stainless Fairleads
(Code: SM4022320)
£ 68.88 Inc. VAT
Handed Pair of 253mm A4 Stainless Fairleads
(Code: SM4022325)
£ 123.26 Inc. VAT
Pair of Fairlead Cleats 316 Stainless
(Code: SM4013785)