Sailing and Boating Personal Items

Sailing and Boating Personal Items.
£ 12.10 Inc. VAT
Self Inflating Keyring Buoyancy 120 grams
(Code: SM3583000)
£ 2.98 Inc. VAT
Key Ring Cork Ball Buoyancy 52g 50mm Dia
(Code: SM3584100)
£ 4.81 Inc. VAT
Key Ring Cork Oval Buoyancy 95g
(Code: SM3584130)
£ 25.64 Inc. VAT
Knife & fid Set
(Code: SM1028520)
£ 16.66 Inc. VAT
Stainless Multi Tool
(Code: SM1095000)
£ 7.44 Inc. VAT
Stainless Steel Sail Boat Knife
(Code: SM1028510)
£ 7.44 Inc. VAT
Sailman knife Yellow
(Code: SM1028511)
£ 7.44 Inc. VAT
Sailman knife Orange
(Code: SM1028512)
£ 7.44 Inc. VAT
Sailman knife Blue
(Code: SM1028513)
£ 8.82 Inc. VAT
Gas Lighter Wind proof
(Code: SM1010710)
£ 0.86 Inc. VAT
Whistle for life vests
(Code: SM2175500)
£ 15.00 Inc. VAT
Gas Lighter Wind proof
(Code: SM1010711)
£ 16.06 Inc. VAT
Handle for opening Winch Key Type Deck Fittings
(Code: SM2071401)